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Caribbean Association of Administrative Professionals (CAAP)

The Caribbean Association of Administrative Professionals (CAAP) is the umbrella body for Member-Associations in the various CARICOM countries as well as the wider Caribbean area.  In addition to similar guiding principles of Member-Associations, CAAP also focuses on the following:

  • The establishment of regional standards towards the development of professional standards.
  • Generation of discussions with regional institutions and business sector with respect to the Administrative Professionals’ Field.
  • Maintaining affiliation with international organisations.

NAAP Members founded this Association and was responsible for its inauguration on 21st July 1988.  Consequently, CAAP’s inaugural two-year Executive Committee and its headquarters was established in Trinidad and Tobago.   The Executive Committee, together with one representative from each Member-Association comprise the CAAP Council.

The Executive Committee is responsible for conducting the affairs of the Association while the Council maintains responsibility for hosting Council Meetings and Conventions.  As of July 2012, the Executive Committee was de-centralized and now comprise Officers from Member-Associations throughout the Caribbean/CARICOM region.

World Administrators - Alliance (WA-A)

NAAP is a foundation member of this global organization, whose registered office is in the United States of America.  The World Administrators-Alliance (WA-A) is governed by a decentralized Executive Committee, wherein one (1) NAAP Member presently holds a Council Member position.  

The aims of the WA-Alliance are to guide, influence, develop and elevate the administrative profession.  With the support of Administrative Associations and Networks around the world, the

WA-Alliance is focused on building a global community to enable Administrative Professionals, the world over, to speak with one voice.  Among its calendar of activities, WA-A hosts a Biennial Summit – a most prestigious global gathering of leaders for the administrative profession.

The WA-Alliance launched the Global Skills Matrix on September 16th 2021.  This is becoming a globally recognized framework for administrative professionals and HR teams that, irrespective of country, makes it possible to identify levels of work for a given role; career progression and opportunities to realize the potential to an organization of an effective administrator.  This link is your access to WA-A’s Global Skills Matrix:



NAAP Tobago

The purpose of this group is to provide active collaboration with Trinidad, thereby adding credence as the name of the Association implies.  The operation of this group is at present co-ordinated by a designated Liaison Officer.

FAPP – Future Administrative Professionals Programme

NAAP is structured to accommodate a junior arm known as the Future Administrative Professionals Programme (FAPP), where business students and junior clerical employees are trained and mentored along various aspects within the Administrative Field.

This group is managed by a Co-ordinator, who conducts its affairs in a similar manner as that of its parent body, NAAP.   A written monthly report of the group’s activities is submitted to the NAAP Board.